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Published on Nov 22, 2015

The Reno Jazz Orchestra presented "Bring Me the Funk of James Brown" exploring the music that James Brown brought to the world. Recorded live 8/4/14 at the Sand Harbor Amphitheater. This video, of course, is Tower of Power's great "What is Hip". The CD is available for download or shipping at

Reno Jazz Orchestra

Reno Jazz Orchestra

Live at Sand Harbor State Park, Lake Tahoe, NV

Live performance, August, 2014original CD release, November, 2015

"On a rainy night at Sand Harbor a small but enthusiastic audience, braving the elements, inspired the band and singers to bring the funk. We hadn’t planned on making this recording into a CD but when I listen to the rough mixes I knew it was special and had to be shared. I hope you agree!" -- Chuck Reider, Music Director

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