September Chorus Instructions

To celebrate our return to the stage we are asking all our friends to join us in our “September” video.  Think of it as our first community singalong and you all get to sing the chorus with us!  It’s easy and fun.  So easy and fun Candy and I are in this example video:

(Or, follow this link to the video.)

 Enthusiasm required, singing talent only a bonus.  Can’t wait to join the band? You just need three things-

  1. A cell phone to video yourself
  2. An audio device to hear the recording and a pair of earphones
  3. A PC or Apple computer to upload your video and then upload to a dropbox folder.  Maybe straight from your phone, but that technology is beyond me.

Want to join in with us?  Read the details on this page on how to set up your video. 

If you experience a technical difficulty contact or John Bennum

How to Record & Send Your Video

To record your video you will need to use your smartphone to record video and audio while simultaneously listening to the track "September" on a separate device. You will need to use earbuds or headphones to listen to the track while singing along so that nothing other than your voice is recorded with your smartphone's microphone. We recommend filming vertically with your smartphone's camera in "selfie" mode for ease of use. Try to record your video somewhere with lots of light, like by a window to make sure your face is clearly visible. 

You can access the track "September" on your audio listening device:

(Or, follow this link to the audio.)

This is a shortened version of the full song.  You will hear the lead singer first which will lead into your part! "ba de ahh de ahh de oh".  Practice a few times and once you are ready, push record on your smartphone's video camera, then push play on your audio listening device.

You will need to move your video file from your smartphone to your computer via hardwire connection like USB, email, or google drive, or airdrop if you have a Mac and an iPhone.

Once you have a take you are happy with email Michael Eardley at  and you will receive a dropbox invitation to upload your video. Click on the invitation and drag your video into the dropbox folder.